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Focusing on business management software, we have a ton of experience in the field. We love working with small and medium size companies, and provide products to suit their needs. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality software that adhere to the highest standards.

Medad online

A system that enables you to work remotely
The system is accessed through a regular internet browser, so you can work from anywhere at any time

Real Time

You and your Employees are always working from the same set of data.

Without Infrastructure Setup Costs

Without the costs of purchasing hardware servers or software licenses

Use it Anywhere

Check your business anytime, anywhere app on your phone and tablet.

Medad Professional

An integrated office accounting system that does not require the presence of the Internet 

Easy to Use

With the testimony of our customers, the system does not require a great deal of knowledge and training to use it


A system approved by the Zakat and Income Authority that provides all VAT and tax return requirements


Medad system is designed to be an accounting program compatible with the requirements of the market in Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries in particular

Rich Reports

View hundreds of reports

With the ability to move between operations and reports with one click


Automatic backups to keep your data safe and secure.

Up-to-date software

Working online ensures you've always got the latest features.

Multi Branches Support

Link branches in different regions and get the updated data immediately.

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