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Accounting software for contracting companies

Accounting systems contribute to facilitating the work of contracting companies

Giving decision makers a clear vision of each project and its profitability.

In addition to the general outrigger system characteristics there are a set of properties

Of interest to the contracting sector, including:

  • The system supports cost centers with the ability to have main and subsidiary cost centers.

  • The ability to link a specific account to a virtual cost center.

  • The possibility of making the cost center mandatory for some accounts.

  • The ability to review an account statement or a cost center statement for several years

  • The ability to create accounting reports by choosing specific accounts by the user and save these reports for easy reference.

  • The possibility of attaching copies of documents when registering exchange and receipt vouchers, so that they can be referred to when needed.

System units
Warehouse and procurement system
Human resource system
Accounts system
Sales system

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