Medad system for accounting firms:


In addition to the characteristics of the Medad general accounting system, the system is distinguished for serving accounting offices with the following:

  1. In the event that the customer operates an online Medad system, the accounting office can review all current operations and access previous years data immediately without the need to visit the customer or request a copy of it.

  2. The possibility of providing the customer with data entry service and providing the customer with login data for direct access to his reports.

  3. The outreach system provides multiple forms for each report. It can, for example, obtain a trial balance by level or by choosing specific accounts or a comprehensive trial balance.

  4. In case there are multiple branches, the report can be obtained for one branch or for several branches.

  5. Medad system provides detailed and total multiple tax reports. Reports can be obtained for specific operations or specific tax types.

  6. The possibility of adding sales and purchases tax through receipts and exchange vouchers and obtaining their results under its own item.

  7. The possibility of obtaining the value-added declaration in a smooth manner and with one click of a button for a specified period, with all its tax details and types.

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